Scuba Climbers

Scuba Climbers will be a documentary look into Class C Canyoneering (Canyoning). Class C canyons are big water canyons—introducing different challenges and opportunities for those who delve into them. The rewards are great, as are the responsibilities.

Why will it be called Scuba Climbers? As we exited Cascade Creek in Ouray, a woman pulled into the trailhead and stopped before us. “Are you guys climbers or SCUBA divers?” As popular as Canyoneering is becoming, it is still foreign to most people. Whether we call ourselves canyoneers or Scuba Climbers, our image is equally confusing to many people. But the main reason is because I am a smart-ass.

Scuba Climbers is currently in production. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Jason Milligan at [email protected].

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