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Camera Trapping in the Urban Wilderness


A challenging hobby capturing candid photos of wild animals near urban centers develops into a passion to protect these creatures from the oblivious encroachment of mankind.


We are currently working with Johanna Turner and AFC to produce a 50 minute documentary about the pursuit of camera trapping and the way it has changed our relationship with wildlife. We have worked together on shorter projects such as those featured below and a podcast episode.

Scuba Climbers

A look into big water canyoneering


A documentary look into Class C Canyoneering (Canyoning). Class C canyons are big water canyons—introducing different challenges and opportunities for those who delve into them. The rewards are great, as are the responsibilities.


Early planning stages.

Why the name?

As we exited Cascade Creek in Ouray, a woman pulled into the trailhead and stopped before us. “Are you guys climbers or SCUBA divers?”