Video Series

Meet four everyday people who are passionate about their outdoor pursuits. Follow them as they go caving, hiking, canyoneering, and surfing. Learn how you too can get outside. G.O. Get Outside is a web-series intended to introduce adventure sports to the uninitiated and inspire them to get active and become participants in outdoor recreation.

Season One: The First 4 Episodes

Caving: Follow Karl and his posse as they travel beneath the earth and reveal what it takes to be a caver.
Hiking: Mirella is an active hiker and a mother of two. The trail is a place she brings her entire family.
Surfing: Join Jiyune as she rides waves and shares how to become a surfer.
Canyoneering: Accompany Alden and his friends as they explore canyons throughout the Western US.


Untethered Series

2 series, 16 episodes.
Follow Erika and Jason on a 55 day road trip across 42 states in “Untethered: On the Road.”
See what drives 9 intriguing people in “Untethered: My Passion.”
Created and produced by Butcher Bird Studios for portable power company, TYLT.