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Jason B Milligan

Show Host and Creator

This mountain babe was born in the moist jungle of Louisiana, but fled to the parched landscape of California in his twenties. While struggling to survive in its urban deserts he rediscovered the outdoors and was introduced to the veritable opiates of climbing and canyoneering. A lifelong storyteller, he sustains himself creating animation, motion graphics, and visual effects for clients. He has been involved in entertainment in other capacities including puppetry, acting, comic-books, television news, and even ballet. Jason is the creator behind the G.O. Get Outside video web-series and audio podcast. He lives as close to the mountains as he can, while still being inside Los Angeles city limits, with his long-suffering wife. He really likes spaghetti.

why bother?

Exploration, adventure, and the outdoors have always been of interest to me. Growing up in Louisiana, I spent a fair amount of time outdoors, but adventure sports never seemed like an option. Climbing was something I saw on TV or in magazines. Besides, Louisiana has no mountains or boulders. I had to settle for trees. Surfing was something I longed to do, yet it was also out of reach. I wanted to try backpacking, but never did, even though I joined a club in High School that could have shown me how. I told myself I couldn’t afford it. Louisiana is known as Sportsman’s Paradise. The sports this encompasses are hunting and fishing. I knew many hunters and fisherman growing up, but not a single person who could have shown me how to tie a figure eight or paddle into a wave. The outdoor activities that interested me seemed complicated, expensive, and out of reach. I would finally learn otherwise at the age of 29 after living in California for four years. I think this is the norm. Many of us suspect that outdoor and adventure sports are something reserved for the elite, something beyond our capabilities. They aren’t. We merely need the personal drive and directions to the starting line. It took me nearly three decades to find the trailhead. I hope we can help others get there sooner.

— Jason B. Milligan