G.O. 023 – Welcome to Season 2

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G.O. Get Outside Podcast Episode 023 – Welcome to Season 2

Hold on to your britches, pardners! The G.O. Get Outside Podcast is back! That’s right, it’s time for Season 2 to begin. Prick up your ears and  hear Jason inform you of our new schedule and the new formats we’ll be experimenting with this season. There are also updates from our first season’s guests and a compilation of great moments from that first season. Crank it up!


Katie’s Escape Room Website: roomescapist.com
Lleah, the Llama’s New Website: lleahthellama.com
Alden’s Updated Adventures: 360nomad.org
Gobi Gear: gobigear.com
Johanna on 60 Minutes: cbsnews.com/videos/mountain-lions-of-l-a/

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