G.O. 011 – Chez Brungraber

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G.O. Get Outside Podcast Episode 011 – Chez Brungraber, Efficient Ecosystem Expert

Chez Brungraber is intrinsically linked to nature. As a botanist and wildlife biologist, her relationship with and understanding of the outdoors is what makes her a successful scientist. A lifelong love of plant-life has inspired her to spend as much time as possible outside, both professionally and recreationally. Travel and backpacking are two of her passions and they have carried her around the world including Nepal and Kenya. She is also the founder of Gobi Gear, an outdoor gear company focusing on efficient and reliable equipment, particularly stuff sacks. She and Jason spoke on Skype about her travels, volunteering in Kenya, ultimate frisbee, and the story behind Gobi Gear.


Gobi Gear Website: gobigear.com

Chez’s Consulting Business: summitwestenv.com
Gobi Gear Kickstarter campaign: bit.ly/SegSacKickstarter

Want to help out and get involved?
In the USA: outdoorfoundation.org
In east Africa: womensbakery.com
n Nepal – Nepal Cyclists Ride to the Rescue (NCRR) :  facebook.com/NCRR-Nepal-Cyclists-Ride-to-Rescue-470274153122368/ or nepalquakeassistance.wordpress.com/


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