G.O. 102 – Emily McCarthy

G.O. 102 – GORUCK with Emily McCarthy Emily McCarthy grew up on the beaches and sandlots of Florida where running became a lifelong passion. Adulthood would carry her across the globe working with volunteer groups and the CIA. Now, she and her husband run GORUCK, a group rooted in special forces principles where veterans and…

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G.O. 099 – Steven Reinhold

G.O. 099 – Steven Reinhold, Adventure Philanthropist Hillbilly Steven Reinhold wants his adventures to make an impact. Early experiences with Big City Mountaineers shifted his pursuits towards adventure philanthropy. He balances his time with guiding, brand ambassadorship, volunteer work, and leading cleanup initiatives with the Trashtag Project. He and Jason spoke in a windy AT…

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G.O. 011 – Chez Brungraber

G.O. 011 – Chez Brungraber, Efficient Ecosystem Expert Chez Brungraber is intrinsically linked to nature. As a botanist and wildlife biologist, her relationship with and understanding of the outdoors is what makes her a successful scientist. A lifelong love of plant-life has inspired her to spend as much time as possible outside, both professionally and…

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