G.O. 032 – Luca Chiarabini

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G.O. Get Outside Podcast Episode 032 – Legal Italian Alien, Luca Chiarabini

Italian software developer, Luca Chiarabini prefers a life chasing adventures. His habitats of choice are dark damp caves or thundering, cascading rivers. Luca passionately believes in sharing the outdoors with others and does so by documenting unestablished areas, placing new canyon routes, designing software for outdoor exploration, and volunteering as a cave rescue member. He and Jason hid from the rain one afternoon to discuss these pursuits, a family trip to Antarctica, and the many things he considers to be bullshit.


Tanner Creek: ropewiki.com/Tanner_Creek

Scuba Climbers Teaser: vimeo.com/138474637

Book – Four Hour Work Week: fourhourworkweek.com
Book – Now, Discover Your Strengths: amazon.com/Discover-Your-Strengths-Marcus-Buckingham/dp/0743518144

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