G.O. 031 – Solo Backpacking

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G.O. Get Outside Podcast Episode 031 – Roundtable: Solo Backpacking

Some choose to travel into the wilderness alone. Jason discusses the pros and cons of solitary backpacking with previous show guests: Shawnte, Pamela, and Alden in between sips of cocoa and bouts of laughter. They review the whys, the dangers, loneliness, planning, packing, navigation, hiker stink, 29 cat holes, and the rancid aroma of bear saliva.


Book: The Secret Knowledge of Water: houseofrain.com/bookdetail.cfm?id=1183863164364
Shawnte’s fear essay: shawntesalabert.com/_/2015/12/10/emotionally-naked-and-afraid/
Pamela’s Tips for Thru-hikers: theadventurher.com/thru-hiking.html
Alden’s JMT Memories: 360nomad.org/category/backpacking/john-muir-trail/

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