G.O. 040 – Lauren Grabowski

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G.O. Get Outside Podcast Episode 040 – Outdoor Dilettante, Lauren Grabowski

Lauren Grabowski tossed aside the shackles of her adolescent safety after embarking upon a 50-mile day hike in college. As a collector of experiences, and self-proclaimed outdoor dilettante, she seeks varied adventures and novel locales. She does, although, have a special love for cycling and bikepacking and the opportunities traveling on two wheels can provide. She and Jason met in one of the rare spots in Los Angeles where its river looks like a river to discuss cycling, mountaineering, travel, living abroad, and the Grabowski Shuffle.


Grabowski Shuffle Video: youtu.be/y3KfqgX4y80
High Fashion Blob: jessicaary.com/blog/2015/7/lauren

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