G.O. 040 – Lauren Grabowski

G.O. 040 – Outdoor Dilettante, Lauren Grabowski Lauren Grabowski tossed aside the shackles of her adolescent safety after embarking upon a 50-mile day hike in college. As a collector of experiences, and self-proclaimed outdoor dilettante, she seeks varied adventures and novel locales. She does, although, have a special love for cycling and bikepacking and the…

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G.O. 036 – Aysel Gezik

G.O. 036 – Aysel Gezik, Mountain Goat Aysel Gezik grew up in the Kurdish Highlands on a ranch with no running water or electricity. Her days were spent in the mountains or tending for farm animals. As an adult, she embraced technical mountaineering and began venturing into remote areas with challenging ascents. Her love for…

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G.O. 030 – Alex Staniforth

G.O. 030 – Alex Staniforth’s Everest Dreams As an unassuming bullied epileptic with no interest in sports, Alex Staniforth never pictured himself as an athlete. A hill-walking trip at 13 changed his perspective and encouraged him to confront his fears. His quest to climb Mount Everest transformed him physically, mentally, and socially. At the age…

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