G.O. 068 – G.O. Gumbo 2

G.O. 068 – G.O. Gumbo 2 – End of Season 3 Another season of the podcast comes to a close. Before our hiatus begins, enjoy three stories from previous guests. Reflections on traveling through Kathmandu during an historic earthquake. A tale of boredom trapped in a Canadian snowstorm. And an account of an overstuffed pack,…

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G.O. 063 – Olivia Round

G.O. 063 – Facing Fears by Touring With Olivia Round Olivia Round has had a deep-seated fear of men and sexual assault for her entire life. Fed up with the way this anxiety interfered with her daily life, she sought a solution. At 21, Olivia rode her bicycle 5,000 miles across the United States—alone. She…

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G.O. 044 – Sarah Tiedemann

G.O. 044 – Sarah Tiedemann, Hesitant Hiker Sarah Tiedemann grew up indoors in New Jersey living out her childhood adventures in books while developing an intense fear of the unknown world around her. A move to Hawaii at 17 introduced her to the wonders of nature. Her anxiety still remained, but the rewards outweighed the…

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G.O. 029 – PRCPTION Travel: Jordan and Evelyn

G.O. 029 – Documenting Smiles With PRCPTION Travel Jordan Urbanovich and Evelyn Wilroy were high school friends enamored with travel. Jordan embraced a nomadic existence and turned exploring the world into a lifestyle. Evelyn pursued a traditional career path and found herself yearning for more. The two joined forces to travel Nepal and document their…

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