G.O. 109 – Eileen Beall

G.O. 109 – Roaming the US With Whistle Pig Eileen Beall Eileen always had a strong desire for exploration and adventure, despite an ill-planned childhood excursion. Her curious nature lead her across the United States where she repeatedly encountered unique experiences and opportunities. She and Jason sat in the dark woods one evening as Eileen…

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G.O. 076 – Marinel de Jesus

G.O. 076 – Marinel de Jesus, From Lawyer to Nomad to Brown Gal Trekker After 15 years as a prosecuting attorney, Marinel de Jesus craved a change. Her mother’s unexpected death caused her to reevaluate her own life. She left her career to become a permanent nomad and founded Peak Explorations, an adventure travel company…

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