Season 6

Season 6 of the podcast

G.O. 113 – Jane And Mark

G.O. 113 – Foraging With Jane Fontana & Mark Fitzsimmons Jane Fontana and Mark Fitzsimmons share a unique lifestyle by modern standards. They live within the Angeles National Forest where practicing self-sufficiency amidst nature is a rewarding pursuit. Foraging, wood-working, wine-making, and bee-keeping are only some of the tasks that keep them occupied. Jason sat…

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G.O. 112 – Justin Pugh

G.O. 112 – Justin Pugh is On Rope Justin Pugh’s childhood outdoor experiences were minimal. This began to change while attending university in Florida where he discovered the secret realm of urban exploration. Urbex was his initial gateway to the outdoors—a doorway that exploded open after moving to California and joining a camping trip in…

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G.O. 111 – Randi Ball

G.O. 111 – Randi Ball Climbs Through Cancer Randi Ball grew up in a sedentary and unhealthy family in the San Fernando Valley of California. Becoming a mother and discovering climbing in Joshua Tree motivated her to pursue an active and fit lifestyle. Yet, fighting cancer and navigating a divorce would test her newfound resilience…

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G.O. 110 – John Gray

G.O. 110 – John Gray, Adventures Past to Expat Future John Gray grew up as a prototypical Southern California surfer boy. After a divorce in adulthood, he sought to recapture the health and fitness of his youth. He threw himself into hiking, backpacking, climbing, and canyoneering. He and Jason sat at a dark park bench…

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G.O. 109 – Eileen Beall

G.O. 109 – Roaming the US With Whistle Pig Eileen Beall Eileen always had a strong desire for exploration and adventure, despite an ill-planned childhood excursion. Her curious nature lead her across the United States where she repeatedly encountered unique experiences and opportunities. She and Jason sat in the dark woods one evening as Eileen…

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G.O. 108 – Kat and Craig Return

G.O. 108 – Catching Up With Kat Carney & Craig Kinsley The return of Kat & Craig! Last time we spoke with our favorite photographer and Olympian couple, they were moving into a Suburban to travel for a year. Now—seven years later—they are married parents living in Rhode Island preparing for a future road trip….

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G.O. 107 – Scott Jensen

G.O. 107 – Scott Jensen and Near Zero Scott Jensen spent his youth surrounded by nature and multiple siblings under the tutelage of the Boy Scouts and his accomplished father. As an adult, Scott sought to share the outdoors with his own children, ultimately realizing that his knowledge could benefit others as well. He started…

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G.O. 106 – Ezgi Kunttas

G.O. 106 – Ezgi Kunttas Finds Mountains and Meaning Ezgi Kunttas grew up climbing Mulberry trees in Turkey unaware of the adventures available in the mountains around her. Pursuing a path as a biologist brought her to the United States. Yet, it would ultimately be her divorce at 35 that would motivate her to seek…

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