G.O. 028 – Bryan Snyder

G.O. 028 – Misadventures Off the Map With Bryan Snyder Self-proclaimed renegade car camper Bryan Snyder has a penchant for finding trouble. Each summer, he travels across the U.S. with his trusty sidekick, Charlie—his aging Jeep. He shares his misadventures with heights, weather, wildlife, and circumstance through his books and ongoing column in the Chenango…

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G.O. 019 – Peakbagging Chick

G.O. 019 – All the Peaks With Peakbagging Chick Peakbagging Chick is constantly outdoors hiking and climbing or introducing other women to adventure via Her Own Trail Meetup Group. In 2014, she adopted the moniker Peakbagging Chick after deciding to challenge herself by climbing 100 peaks in one year. She and Jason sat beneath a…

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