G.O. 013 – Pamela Zoolalian

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G.O. Get Outside Podcast Episode 013 – Downhill and Up With Pamela Zoolalian

Pamela Zoolalian wants to do everything. She is not content pursuing only one sport, but lets the seasons decide what is available to her. Whether mountaineering, surfing, backpacking, snowboarding, kayaking, or mountain biking, she is most fulfilled outdoors. In 2013, she decided to hike the 272 mile John Muir Trail. In addition to her love for the slow-moving world of backpacking, Pamela also has an appetite for speed with a past in professional street luge. She is the only female athlete to compete in the ESPN X Games, Playstation Xtreme games, and NBC Gravity Games. She and Jason met at the Eaton Nature Center one afternoon to discuss these lifelong passions.


Website:  theadventurher.com
Non-Profit Website: aspire2be.org
Instagram: instagram.com/adventurher
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pamelazoolalian
Facebook: facebook.com/PamelaZoolalian
YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC1rY9twOlieiM2EMvinYRZQ

Great Hiking Resource (plus Pamela writes for them): ModernHiker.com
Sierra Club Wilderness Travel Course (Pamela instructs for them): wildernesstravelcourse.org
Dan Cortese Twitter: twitter.com/dancortese


JMT Solo Hike Video: youtube.com/watch?v=wgteRM5hTi8
To Tell the Truth Gameshow: youtube.com/watch?v=P9QcMdytm3A
RedBull Streets of San Francisco Big Air 2000: youtube.com/watch?v=0dcYAwSfZs8
Oxygen TV interview with Candice Bergen: youtube.com/watch?v=TfOaJq492DU
Street Luge Compilation Reel: youtu.be/bzaMl0XiC5I

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