G.O. 082 – Courtney Condy

G.O. 082 – Courtney Condy and Occupation Wild Courtney Condy was a workaholic go-getter intent on becoming a millionaire before 30. Yet, she hated her life. A spontaneous trip to Nepal shifted her perspective ultimately leading her to pursue a new career as an outdoor leader. She founded Occupation Wild, an online resource that helps…

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G.O. 077 – Tom Jones

G.O. 077 – Mr. Imlay Canyon Gear, Tom Jones Tom Jones has left a large imprint on canyoneering in the Western U.S. He is the founder of Imlay Canyon Gear, a supplier of canyoneering specialty equipment and the author of the Zion Canyoneering Guidebook. Tom and Jason chatted one morning at Imlay HQ about his…

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G.O. 047 – Dan Sedlacek

G.O. 047 – Uphill on the PCT with Dan Sedlacek Dan Sedlacek, at 14, was inspired to seek out the PCT when he met a group of friendly thru-hikers. Years later, he and his brother tackled the 2600+ mile trail using gear they had made themselves. Here a second inspiration would hit, a desire to…

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G.O. 043 – Nick Smolinske

G.O. 043 – Nick Smolinske Goes Rogue Panda Nick Smolinske spent his childhood indoors playing video games. Commuting on a bicycle in college triggered something inside that lay dormant and he discovered a passion for active outdoor pursuits. Soon he was slack-lining and competing on a Broomball team. In hopes of saving money, he began…

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G.O. 012 – Karl Domangue

G.O. 012 – Mr. Extreme Things, Karl Domangue Karl Domangue left a lucrative career as an investment banker to pursue a passion for the outdoors. He founded the business Extreme Things and became a conduit to adventure sports for the everyday person. As he gained experiences and developed his skills, he craved more and joined…

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