G.O. 113 – Jane And Mark

G.O. 113 – Foraging With Jane Fontana & Mark Fitzsimmons Jane Fontana and Mark Fitzsimmons share a unique lifestyle by modern standards. They live within the Angeles National Forest where practicing self-sufficiency amidst nature is a rewarding pursuit. Foraging, wood-working, wine-making, and bee-keeping are only some of the tasks that keep them occupied. Jason sat…

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G.O. 089 – Chef Corso

G.O. 089 – Outdoor Gourmet Chef Corso of MONTyBOCA Washington native Chef Corso was introduced to the natural world by a group of high school friends. He quickly embraced a multitude of adventure sports, especially backpacking, but was always underwhelmed by the camp meals. A lifelong cook, Chef Corso founded MONTyBOCA, an online community dedicated…

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G.O. 072 – Lyndsay Hupp

G.O. 072 – Paddling Snack Maven Lyndsay Hupp A roadtrip at 17 introduced Lyndsay Hupp to the wonders of Arizona and the Western U.S. Her future would be found there guiding others through the whitewaters of the Colorado River and accidentally founding the energy bar company Huppybar. She and Jason met at Buffalo Park in…

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G.O. 043 – Nick Smolinske

G.O. 043 – Nick Smolinske Goes Rogue Panda Nick Smolinske spent his childhood indoors playing video games. Commuting on a bicycle in college triggered something inside that lay dormant and he discovered a passion for active outdoor pursuits. Soon he was slack-lining and competing on a Broomball team. In hopes of saving money, he began…

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G.O. 026 – Fresh Off The Grid

G.O. 026 – Fresh Off The Grid’s Extended Roadtrip Megan McDuffie and Michael Van Vliet abandoned their traditional respectable lifestyles, moved into their passenger vehicle, and embarked on a  long-term roadtrip across the United States and Canada. During their travels they maintain the website Fresh Off The Grid where they share travel recipes and lessons…

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G.O. 018 – Steve Sieren

G.O. 018 – A Steve Sieren is Worth 1000 Pictures Steve Sieren is a California native with a great eye for capturing its beauty. An architectural photographer by day, he seizes what moments he may to travel into the wilderness backpacking or canyoneering, always with a camera in tow. He is also a father who…

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