mountain biking

G.O. 045 – Paul Hytinen & Dylan Gonda

G.O. 045 – Touring the Divide with Paul & Dylan The Tour Divide is a backcountry off-road cycling route spanning over 2700 miles from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Paul Hytinen and Dylan Gonda are two men separated by 40 years in age who both found themselves itching to take on this challenge….

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G.O. 035 – Andrew Merrill

G.O. 035 – Cycling Flight Paramedic Andrew Merrill Andrew Merrill grew up in Lancaster, California where the L.A. Fire Dept. Explorer’s Program and the television series, Emergency would leave indelible marks on his character. A desire to help those in need and save lives lead him to adopt a career as a Flight Paramedic. He…

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G.O. 014 – Mike Hastings

G.O. 014 – On 2 Wheels With Mike Hastings Mike Hastings was raised in the frigid motor city of Michigan where a love for machines and a superhuman tolerance for cold temperatures was born. Early in adulthood, he headed West chasing the two-wheeled pursuits of mountain biking and motorcycle racing. He even indulged a momentary…

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