G.O. 117 – Jessica Leila

G.O. 117 – Fun Facts With Super Spy Jessica Leila Jessica Leila grew up with parents who wanted her to have every opportunity they had not. Her childhood was filled with love, world travel, and every extracurricular activity imaginable. Despite this, she still struggled with anxiety and an underlying anger. Joining a caving grotto in…

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G.O. 102 – Emily McCarthy

G.O. 102 – GORUCK with Emily McCarthy Emily McCarthy grew up on the beaches and sandlots of Florida where running became a lifelong passion. Adulthood would carry her across the globe working with volunteer groups and the CIA. Now, she and her husband run GORUCK, a group rooted in special forces principles where veterans and…

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G.O. 087 – Daisy Martinez

G.O. 087 – Running With Confidence With Daisy Martinez Daisy Martinez has struggled with depression throughout her life. A day hike with a friend to Mount Baldy would unexpectedly lead her down a path to ultra running. This newfound passion gives her a renewed sense of purpose, goals to achieve, builds confidence, and helps manage…

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G.O. 084 – Cyndi Wyatt

G.O. 084 – Running to Life With Cyndi Wyatt Cyndi Wyatt grew up running along the beaches of Florida, practicing aerobics, and eventually modeling. Running is what would stick with her, especially as it helped her cope with the aftermath of an abusive marriage. Now Cyndi competes as an ultrarunner, organizes outdoor events, and guides…

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G.O. 067 – Mossy Earth

G.O. 067 – Matt Davies of Mossy Earth Mossy Earth is an organization that seeks to do more than conservation by actively rebuilding the wilderness throughout Europe. Matt Davies is a trail runner and surfer who decided to team with others to form the enterprise a year ago. He and Jason spoke over Skype about…

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