G.O. 093 – Rowan Smith

Rowan Smith is a personal trainer for trekkers and mountaineers in Sydney, Australia. In a world bereft of quality training for adventure athletes, he aims to create programs targeting their specific needs. Rowan and Jason spoke over Skype one day about the intricacies of adventure training, his history in the outdoors, and why you shouldn’t sleep on public transit while traveling.

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G.O. 084 – Cyndi Wyatt

G.O. 084 – Running to Life With Cyndi Wyatt Cyndi Wyatt grew up running along the beaches of Florida, practicing aerobics, and eventually modeling. Running is what would stick with her, especially as it helped her cope with the aftermath of an abusive marriage. Now Cyndi competes as an ultrarunner, organizes outdoor events, and guides…

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G.O. 034 – Kat Carney & Craig Kinsley

G.O. 034 – Kat & Craig on Lucky Breaks, Pics, Sticks, and Hitches Kat Carney and Craig Kinsley have embraced a life of coincidences and (occasionally literal) lucky breaks. A broken hand lead Craig down an unexpected path that would bring him to the 2012 Olympics as a Javelin Thrower. A part-time job as a…

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G.O. 025 – Francisco Camberos

G.O. 025 –  Francisco Camberos, Functional Fitness Freak Francisco Camberos spent his youth being chased by dogs and tagging public property before realizing he could better focus his energy and not squander the opportunities his parents provided to him. He began experimenting with numerous fitness regimens before forming his own approach to the pursuit of…

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