G.O. 066 – Jump Trip Canyon Rescue

G.O. 066 – 2014 Swanson Slide Jump Trip Canyon Rescue As the North Fork of the King’s River cuts through the Sierra Nevada it reveals a canyon playground beloved by experienced canyoneers called Jump Trip. It has been the site of numerous injuries and rescues. In 2014, a group of three were forced to make…

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G.O. 052 – Erik Johnson

G.O. 052 – Erik Johnson: Skis, Canyons, Consequences Erik Johnson, Esq. shreds the slopes of the legal system and the fresh powder of the backcountry mountain ranges. A lifelong freestyle skier, he has extensive experience dealing with injury whether it be concussions, broken bones, or amnesia. A rappelling accident while canyoneering cost him a leg,…

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G.O. 051 – Cyndi Lang

G.O. 051 – Turning Out Horses With Cyndi Lang A Mom and Me Horseback Riding ad in a magazine unexpectedly set a new course in Cyndi Lang’s childhood. Her fascination with horses led her from vaulting to becoming a ranger and eventually a professional competitor. She and Jason spoke at a barn in Santa Clarita…

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G.O. 017 – Jeannette Stawski

G.O. 017 – Jeannette Stawski Brings the Outdoors Jeannette Stawski has a long history in the outdoors. Her experiences run the gamut from athlete to guide to instructor and she has collected every pertinent certification one can imagine. Sharing the outdoors is as important to her as experiencing them, a passion that has led her…

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