Snow Sports

G.O. 123 – Marilee Valkass

G.O. 123 – Racing to Nature With Marilee Valkass Marilee Valkass owes her love of nature to her father who introduced her to the deserts and mountains of California at a young age. This fascination has guided her life—leading her down the snowy slopes of Mammoth, cross country in cycling races, and into wilderness areas…

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G.O. 100 – Taylor Carpenter

G.O. 100 – Taylor Carpenter on Static Climbing Climber Taylor Carpenter taught herself to sew and started a business—Static Climbing—in her bedroom. Dedication, serendipity, and contributions from others would help it grow into a successful operation serving a global climbing market. Taylor and Jason sat in a yard in Bell one evening discussing her competitive…

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G.O. 091 – Lee Trebotich

G.O. 091 – Asheville’s Alpaca Athlete, Lee Trebotich Lee Trebotich grew up playing barefoot in the summers along the Mississippi coast and chasing winters in Colorado. His careers have taken him across the U.S. in the science, education, and outdoor industries ultimately landing him in Asheville, North Carolina. He and Jason spoke one afternoon about…

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G.O. 052 – Erik Johnson

G.O. 052 – Erik Johnson: Skis, Canyons, Consequences Erik Johnson, Esq. shreds the slopes of the legal system and the fresh powder of the backcountry mountain ranges. A lifelong freestyle skier, he has extensive experience dealing with injury whether it be concussions, broken bones, or amnesia. A rappelling accident while canyoneering cost him a leg,…

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G.O. 024 – Esme Deprez

G.O. 024 – Esme Deprez on Rocks, Skis, and Journalism Ex-Mighty Mite, Esme Deprez is a journalist for Bloomberg Businessweek concentrated on delivering unbiased government and politics oriented stories. The social constructions of mankind are not her sole interests and she often heads outside of the bounds of society to climb rad rocks or ski…

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G.O. 021 – Kristina Frost

G.O. 021 – Essential Explorer Kristina Frost Kristina Frost grew up playing on the shores of Lake Erie. An offhand comment spurred her to try backpacking. This stoked an interest in her that has not abated. Kristina became an assistant director for the University of Michigan’s Outdoor Adventures Program where she led wilderness trips and…

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