scott swaney

G.O. 112 – Justin Pugh

G.O. 112 – Justin Pugh is On Rope Justin Pugh’s childhood outdoor experiences were minimal. This began to change while attending university in Florida where he discovered the secret realm of urban exploration. Urbex was his initial gateway to the outdoors—a doorway that exploded open after moving to California and joining a camping trip in…

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G.O. 048 – G.O. Gumbo

G.O. 048 – G.O. Gumbo – End of Season 2 Season 2 of the podcast comes to a close, time for reflection on a year and a half of podcasting and two months of working from the road. We also listen to three humorous stories from Steven Calcote, Scott Swaney, and Dusty Hulet. Sit back for tales of…

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G.O. 004 – Scott Swaney

G.O. 004 – 99 Lives of Scott Swaney Scott Swaney is the Chuck Norris of Southern California. At 67 years old, he is still going strong despite his penchant to get himself into trouble. He is a lifer—one of those outdoorsmen who has stuck with exploratory pursuits for many decades and doesn’t intend to stop….

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