G.O. 119 – Shirlz Jocelyn

G.O. 119 – Canyons Are Calling Shirlz Jocelyn Utah native Shirlz Jocelyn was introduced to canyoneering in 2010, a moment that would alter the course of her future. Her love for the sport would lead her to a stint as a canyon guide, an ongoing job with Imlay Canyon Gear, and the drive to produce…

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G.O. 077 – Tom Jones

G.O. 077 – Mr. Imlay Canyon Gear, Tom Jones Tom Jones has left a large imprint on canyoneering in the Western U.S. He is the founder of Imlay Canyon Gear, a supplier of canyoneering specialty equipment and the author of the Zion Canyoneering Guidebook. Tom and Jason chatted one morning at Imlay HQ about his…

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G.O. 068 – G.O. Gumbo 2

G.O. 068 – G.O. Gumbo 2 – End of Season 3 Another season of the podcast comes to a close. Before our hiatus begins, enjoy three stories from previous guests. Reflections on traveling through Kathmandu during an historic earthquake. A tale of boredom trapped in a Canadian snowstorm. And an account of an overstuffed pack,…

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G.O. 058 – The Monroys

G.O. 058 – The Monroy Canyon Family It’s the classic story where a country girl meets a city boy, they get married, start a family, and start rappelling down waterfalls around the world. Tale as old as time? Maybe not. Danielle and Brian Monroy discovered the adventure of canyoneering after a failed family backpacking trip…

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