Fishing and Hunting

G.O. 113 – Jane And Mark

G.O. 113 – Foraging With Jane Fontana & Mark Fitzsimmons Jane Fontana and Mark Fitzsimmons share a unique lifestyle by modern standards. They live within the Angeles National Forest where practicing self-sufficiency amidst nature is a rewarding pursuit. Foraging, wood-working, wine-making, and bee-keeping are only some of the tasks that keep them occupied. Jason sat…

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G.O. 022 – Tommy Day

G.O. 022 – Dr. Tommy Day is Real In Tommy Day is a physician, but he is also an adventurer. Traveling on two wheels or casting for fish bring him a joy he can’t find elsewhere. He is also a photographer. Capturing moments in still images or in moving video allow him to share stories…

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G.O. 021 – Kristina Frost

G.O. 021 – Essential Explorer Kristina Frost Kristina Frost grew up playing on the shores of Lake Erie. An offhand comment spurred her to try backpacking. This stoked an interest in her that has not abated. Kristina became an assistant director for the University of Michigan’s Outdoor Adventures Program where she led wilderness trips and…

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