G.O. 065 – Jen Hopper

G.O. 065 – Jen Hopper’s Road to Mentorship A badly organized backpacking trip at age 14 triggered an enthusiasm for adventure in Jen Hopper. As an adult, she left the confines of a laboratory to pursue the wonders of nature. An accomplished caver, climber, SAR member, and explorer, she also shares the outdoors with students…

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G.O. 017 – Jeannette Stawski

G.O. 017 – Jeannette Stawski Brings the Outdoors Jeannette Stawski has a long history in the outdoors. Her experiences run the gamut from athlete to guide to instructor and she has collected every pertinent certification one can imagine. Sharing the outdoors is as important to her as experiencing them, a passion that has led her…

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