G.O. 063 – Olivia Round

G.O. 063 – Facing Fears by Touring With Olivia Round Olivia Round has had a deep-seated fear of men and sexual assault for her entire life. Fed up with the way this anxiety interfered with her daily life, she sought a solution. At 21, Olivia rode her bicycle 5,000 miles across the United States—alone. She…

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G.O. 050 – Tristan Gooley

G.O. 050 – Tristan Gooley, The Natural Navigator Tristan Gooley began exploring the natural world at a very young age, craving the mystery and independence found in wandering. Learning to read nature and navigate his environs as an adult rekindled his childhood wonder. As a bestselling author, he has shared these skills across five books…

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G.O. 044 – Sarah Tiedemann

G.O. 044 – Sarah Tiedemann, Hesitant Hiker Sarah Tiedemann grew up indoors in New Jersey living out her childhood adventures in books while developing an intense fear of the unknown world around her. A move to Hawaii at 17 introduced her to the wonders of nature. Her anxiety still remained, but the rewards outweighed the…

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G.O. 037 – Alan Gegax

G.O. 037 – Alan Gegax, Vegas’ Hiking Mailman Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Alan Gegax from an epic hike. When not delivering mail to the Vegas community, Alan leads one of the larger hiking Meetup groups in the West, Vegas Hiker’s Meetup. And when not leading hikes, he officiates…

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G.O. 030 – Alex Staniforth

G.O. 030 – Alex Staniforth’s Everest Dreams As an unassuming bullied epileptic with no interest in sports, Alex Staniforth never pictured himself as an athlete. A hill-walking trip at 13 changed his perspective and encouraged him to confront his fears. His quest to climb Mount Everest transformed him physically, mentally, and socially. At the age…

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