G.O. 034 – Kat Carney & Craig Kinsley

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G.O. Get Outside Podcast Episode 034 – Kat & Craig on Lucky Breaks, Pics, Sticks, and Hitches

Kat Carney and Craig Kinsley have embraced a life of coincidences and (occasionally literal) lucky breaks. A broken hand lead Craig down an unexpected path that would bring him to the 2012 Olympics as a Javelin Thrower. A part-time job as a newspaper reporter ignited Kat’s pursuit of photography and varied experiences. Seasonal jobs away from home brought the two together in Alaska where they would become a couple. Now they are preparing to move into a Suburban and travel the U.S. Jason met them in San Diego where they reminisced about past hitchhiking adventures, recent sandboarding experiences, and their respective passions.



Craig Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Kinsley
Craig 2012 workout video: youtube.com/watch?v=mIdJ0w3oCxI

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