Van Life/Tiny Home

Alternative living: van life and/or tiny home

G.O. 118 – Jesse St. Louis

G.O. 118 – Be Infamous With Jesse St. Louis Jesse St. Louis has always been enamored with the chaos of moving water. Yet, an obsessive pursuit of his acting career kept him blind to the natural world around him for many years. A fateful experience atop a waterfall in L.A. would inspire him to reevaluate…

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G.O. 108 – Kat and Craig Return

G.O. 108 – Catching Up With Kat Carney & Craig Kinsley The return of Kat & Craig! Last time we spoke with our favorite photographer and Olympian couple, they were moving into a Suburban to travel for a year. Now—seven years later—they are married parents living in Rhode Island preparing for a future road trip….

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G.O. 034 – Kat Carney & Craig Kinsley

G.O. 034 – Kat & Craig on Lucky Breaks, Pics, Sticks, and Hitches Kat Carney and Craig Kinsley have embraced a life of coincidences and (occasionally literal) lucky breaks. A broken hand lead Craig down an unexpected path that would bring him to the 2012 Olympics as a Javelin Thrower. A part-time job as a…

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G.O. 020 – Jake Huddleston

G.O. 020 – Jake Huddleston, Van Man The cherubic Jake Huddleston grew up in the wonderland of the Pacific Northwest traipsing through its wilderness with his family and the Boy Scouts. Shortly after reaching adulthood he moved into a van and headed for Los Angeles to pursue filmmaking. There he would be introduced to the…

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