G.O. 067 – Mossy Earth

G.O. 067 – Matt Davies of Mossy Earth Mossy Earth is an organization that seeks to do more than conservation by actively rebuilding the wilderness throughout Europe. Matt Davies is a trail runner and surfer who decided to team with others to form the enterprise a year ago. He and Jason spoke over Skype about…

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G.O. 059 – Matt Podolsky

G.O. 059 – Wild Lens on Conservation With Matt Podolsky Matt Podolsky grew up immersed in the New England outdoors, but it was an IMAX documentary he saw at an early age that changed his view of humanity’s place in nature. His career as a wildlife biologist working with California Condors led him into the…

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G.O. 049 – Annabelle McClure & Andrea Hassler

G.O. 049 – Annabelle & Andrea, Climbing Road Team Annabelle McClure found herself on sketchy first ascents at a young age with her climber father. Andrea Hassler passed on a career in concert management to instead study geography and climb nonstop with her new college buddy, Annabelle. Years later, the two of them convinced the…

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