G.O. 108 – Kat and Craig Return

G.O. 108 – Catching Up With Kat Carney & Craig Kinsley The return of Kat & Craig! Last time we spoke with our favorite photographer and Olympian couple, they were moving into a Suburban to travel for a year. Now—seven years later—they are married parents living in Rhode Island preparing for a future road trip….

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G.O. 095 – Nick Watts

G.O. 095 – Salty Surf Nomad Nick Watts Nick Watts works for Occupation Wild helping others find adventurous work in the outdoor industry. Seeking adventure is his calling whether hitchhiking across the South Pacific on sailboats, living in a van surfing the breaks of New Zealand, or breaking bones on a mountain bike. He and…

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G.O. 079 – Michael Kelley

G.O. 079 – Becoming a Beginner With Michael Kelley Michael Kelley spent his youth surfing the beaches of Malibu until he discovered the competitive world of cycling and eventually SUP racing. Now, he shares his years of experience with others as a Scoutmaster, father, and REI instructor. Michael and Jason spent a morning at Will…

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G.O. 046 – Jenn Velie

G.O. 046 – Riding Waves with Outdoor Educator Jenn Velie Jenn Velie is an amalgamation of her parent’s strengths. Inspired by her father’s love of the outdoors and her mother’s successes as an educator, she became an outdoor educator. As the Outdoor Adventure Coordinator at the University of Central Florida she has the opportunity to…

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