G.O. 115 – Liz Del Sol

G.O. 115 – Magician Liz Del Sol Swims With the Sharks Born in Mexico, but raised in Texas, Liz Del Sol always felt an intense draw towards adventure and performing. Naturally, as soon as she graduated from college, she headed for Hollywood to pursue both. A fateful night at a production party would introduce her…

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G.O. 096 – Kristin Tieche

G.O. 096 – Bats and Bikes With Kristin Tieche San Francisco native Kristin Tieche loves bats and bicycles. Both of these passions find their way into her work as a filmmaker: be it a feminist horror film on two wheels, an insightful series about cycling visionaries, or a documentary reflection on the lives of bats….

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G.O. 070 – Community Science

G.O. 070 – Roundtable: Community Science The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has brought crowdsourcing into the realm of science. Their Community Science Program allows the public to contribute to research projects and become active participants in the study of nature. Three program managers—Lila Higgins, Richard Smart, and Miguel Ordeñana—met with Jason to…

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G.O. 069 – Beth Pratt-Bergstrom

G.O. 069 – Wildlife Champion Beth Pratt-Bergstrom Beth Pratt-Bergstrom was inspired by the NWF’s (National Wildlife Federation) Ranger Rick magazine as a child. Now, as the executive director of the California region of the NWF, she is inspiring others to embrace nature and wildlife—and our ability to coexist in urban spaces. She and Jason met…

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G.O. 060 – Amanda Craft

G.O. 060 – Land and Sea and Air, Amanda Craft is There Amanda Craft is a consummate outdoor Renaissance Woman. Raised in California and summered in Colorado, she spent her youth on horseback or in nature. While trying to pad her professional resume during her college years, she began accidentally discovering the depths of her…

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G.O. 007 – Johanna Turner

G.O. 007 – Caught on Johanna Turner’s Cameras Johanna Turner is a patient person. Hiking miles into the wilderness periodically to maintain camera gear that may never capture a single image of wildlife requires patience. It also rewards hard-work and dedication. Only camera trappers ever capture imagery of wildlife in their natural environment unmolested by…

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