Sky Sports

G.O. 115 – Liz Del Sol

G.O. 115 – Magician Liz Del Sol Swims With the Sharks Born in Mexico, but raised in Texas, Liz Del Sol always felt an intense draw towards adventure and performing. Naturally, as soon as she graduated from college, she headed for Hollywood to pursue both. A fateful night at a production party would introduce her…

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G.O. 060 – Amanda Craft

G.O. 060 – Land and Sea and Air, Amanda Craft is There Amanda Craft is a consummate outdoor Renaissance Woman. Raised in California and summered in Colorado, she spent her youth on horseback or in nature. While trying to pad her professional resume during her college years, she began accidentally discovering the depths of her…

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G.O. 039 – Levi Arnone

G.O. 039 – Flying & Falling With Levi Arnone A tandem jump enamored Levi Arnone with the art of sky diving. Yet, falling did not sufficiently quench his pursuit for flight. Soon, he found himself pursuing wingsuit training and delving into the world of BASE jumping. Levi and Jason spent an afternoon in Levi’s backyard…

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G.O. 038 – Skydive Monroe

G.O. 038 – Roundtable: Skydive Monroe Some would rather jump from a plane than ride inside of one. Jason joined five employees of Skydive Monroe in Georgia to discuss the finer points of falling at the ground. They cover the how, why, misconceptions, costs, reserve chutes, tandem particulars, certification, and that no plane is “perfectly…

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