• G.O. 072 – Lyndsay Hupp

    G.O. 072 – Paddling Snack Maven Lyndsay Hupp A roadtrip at 17 introduced Lyndsay Hupp to the wonders of Arizona and the Western U.S. Her future would be found there guiding others through the whitewaters of the Colorado River and accidentally founding the energy bar...

  • G.O. 071 – Freddy Unger

    G.O. 071 – Canyoneer Freddy Unger Finds Focus Freddy Unger is recognized in the Southern California canyoneering community as an active leader eager to share his knowledge and offer opportunities to new participants. Prior to discovering canyoneering, he was struggling with substance abuse and watching...

  • G.O. 070 – Community Science

    G.O. 070 – Roundtable: Community Science The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has brought crowdsourcing into the realm of science. Their Community Science Program allows the public to contribute to research projects and become active participants in the study of nature. Three program...

  • G.O. 069 – Beth Pratt-Bergstrom

    G.O. 069 – Wildlife Champion Beth Pratt-Bergstrom Beth Pratt-Bergstrom was inspired by the NWF’s (National Wildlife Federation) Ranger Rick magazine as a child. Now, as the executive director of the California region of the NWF, she is inspiring others to embrace nature and wildlife—and our...

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